Common Pleas Court

Department Functions
The Court of Common Pleas is where all civil actions are filed. The Clerk of Court is responsible for filing and maintaining civil files, which may include automobile accidents, defective products, personal injury and appeals from lower court. There are two types of Common Pleas cases; Jury and Non-Jury. When a case is filed, it is the clerk’s responsibility to collect the proper fee and to see that it is put on the proper calendar / roster. In this county, one of the biggest responsibilities of the clerk is to produce and maintain a jury and non-jury roster. To maintain these rosters, all documents must be filed and updated in a timely manner. Civil records are public record unless "sealed" by an order of the court. Unlike some counties, Hampton County does not have a resident Judge at this time. We do have an Administrative Judge who presides over the 14th Judicial Circuit.