Family Court

Department Functions

All matters involving domestic and family relationships and those involving minors who are abused or neglected or those under the age of seventeen who are alleged to have violated a state law or municipal ordinance are within the Family Court’s jurisdiction. The Clerk of Court is responsible for maintaining the records of the Family Court in the manner designated by Court Administration. Many Family Court records are considered confidential and may be inspected only with special permission. Juvenile delinquency, adoption, termination of parental rights, abuse and neglect, and any sealed records are kept in a secure location with carefully controlled access. A significant portion of the Clerk of Court’s responsibility in the Family Court involves the collection and disbursement of child support and alimony. Enforcement of child support orders is also handled through the Family Court. Other cases may include divorce, child custody, separate support and maintenance matters. The Fourteenth Judicial Circuit holds Family Court in Hampton County an average of 12-14 times per year. The presiding judge is assigned on a rotating basis from month to month. All hearings are recorded by a certified family court reporter.