Juror Information

Each year, the State Election Commission provides our county with a list of potential jurors. The names are collected from voter’s registration, drivers license and state issued identification cards. Jurors for each term are then selected through random computer selection by the Jury Commissioners. The Jury Commissioners are comprised of the Clerk of Court, Treasurer and the Auditor. The alternates are the Probate Judge and the Sheriff. Notices and juror information pamphlets are mailed approximately 30 days in advance of the term.

Jurors can park in any available space around the courthouse with the exception of marked spaces. Jurors are to report to the courtroom on the second floor. Please use the staircase at the front entrance of the courthouse. A bailiff will be available to assist jurors upon arrival.

Jurors are paid $20.00 per day for each day they have to appear at the courthouse. Juror checks are usually mailed by the end of the week or the first of the following week after jury service. A work excuse is available for any juror after jury service is complete. Jurors may want to check with their employer to see what the policy is concerning jury duty.

After reporting the first day of court, jurors will be given instructions by the Judge. Jurors may need to report on several days or call the answering machine for further instructions. The answering machine is available for jurors to call in to see when they are needed. The answering machine is updated every day during court between the hours of 5:00-6:00 p.m. The telephone number for the answering machine is (803) 914-2257. Jury service usually lasts for one week, unless it is a special term of court.

If you are selected as a juror to serve on a case, the court provides snacks and drinks during break times. It will be the Judges’ determination as to whether lunch is provided. If lunch is not provided, jurors will have appropriate time to break for lunch. There are a variety of eateries in the surrounding area.