Department Functions

The function of the Landfill Department is to provide Hampton County Citizens with a convenient means for collection and disposal of recyclable and solid waste and to ensure that it is done in accordance with law.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control R.61-107.11 establishes the policies and procedures for the collection and disposal of Construction and Demolition debris (C&D).  To comply with this requirement, Hampton County maintains an operational C&D landfill for the citizens and local contractors to properly dispose of this type of material


  • Facilitate the collection, handling and recycling of all recyclable items delivered to Hampton County convenience site drop off locations and the main landfill.
  • Monitor the number of hauls of waste and measure tons of waste to ensure continued efficiency of landfill space and the continued efficiency of the County's contracted solid waste disposal providers.

The Landfill accepts

  • All wastes that are generated within Hampton County from construction, remodeling, repairing, or demolition of structures, road building, and land clearing.
  • The landfill also accepts all of the same recyclables at the 10 county convenience drop off site locations.  Please note that debris does have to be sorted into types and disposed of in the proper designated area.

The Landfill does not accept

  • There are certain banned items that cannot be disposed of in a C&D landfill (i.e., lead paint, items containing lead-based paints, creosoted cross ties or creosoted posts, agriculture plastic sheeting, burn barrels or burned /charred residential debris and any hazardous material.)
  • The landfill also does not accept old medications or used hypodermic needles and lancets.  These items can be placed into household garbage collection containers, but SPECIAL HANDLING is required first.  See the FAQ  section for specific instructions.