Community Services

Animal Shelter

The Community Animal Shelter accepts strays and unwanted animals and is a not-for-profit organizations that follows the policies and regulations of the Hampton County Animal Control Ordinance.

Board of Voter Registration and Elections

Provides information concerning voter registration, absentee applications, change of address forms, voting locations, precinct names, and information for all federal, state, and local elections held in Hampton County.

Building Department and Permits

Assures compliance with the applicable residential and commercial building codes and fire, plumbing, HVAS, electrical, gas, and flood zone and other regulations.

Council on Aging

Provides services to Hampton County residents that are 60 years of age and older. Services include but are not limited to transportation, home bound meals, and home care.

Economic Development

Develops and encourages job creation and investment in Hampton County by promoting a positive business climate, marketing Hampton County and developing growth opportunities for new and existing industries.


Enhances the quality of life of residents in Hampton County; providing a variety of recreational programs.

Veterans Affairs

Assists veterans and their dependent in filing applications to determine their basic eligibility and conditions of benefits entitlement as administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.