Yoga Testimonial

A lady was sharing her story with Instructor Tara Tuesday at Yoga and it was something I needed to hear and asked if she would send it to me so I could publish it as a testimony to the power of Yoga and its benefits. I am keeping her name anonymous.

For me, Yoga with Ms. Tara has been wonderful. She has helped me realize how important self-care is, and what taking time for yourself can do for you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I have less anxiety about everything, I feel better and I feel stronger since starting Yoga. Sometimes, it's hard to be nice to yourself, and give yourself credit for anything, but in every class, Ms. Tara says that where we are, is right where we are supposed to be and with practice and dedication, we will only get better. She tells us to let the stress, and fatigue go, focus on ourselves and to thank ourselves for taking this hour just for us. It's uplifting and positive and it's been wonderful for me to have this class, and this time to relax, focus,  and let all the things, big and small, melt away.