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High Mileage application

  1. The high mileage application can be completed online then printed, scanned and emailed as an attachment to the following: The form can also be faxed to (803) 914-2118. PLEASE NOTE: The form must be notarized before it is submitted to the Auditor's Office.

  2. Hampton County Auditor
    P.O. Box 575
    201 Jackson Avenue West
    Hampton, S.C. 29924
    Phone: (803) 914-2114
    Fax: (803) 914-2118

  3. State of South Carolina
    County of Hampton

    Vehicle Appeal Affidavit


  6. If the mileage should exceed 100,000 miles please indicate in writing exact mileage. I understand that under the terms of the Federal Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Saving Act and applicable state law, giving incorrect and/or false information may result in civil liability and civil and/or criminal penalties.
  7. Notary Public for South Carolina
    Commission Expires:__________________________________________

  8. This affidavit must be filed with the Hampton County Auditor's Office on or before the due date or by the last day of the month in which the taxes are due. All high mileage applications are subject to visual inspection by the Hampton County Auditor.
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