Hampton County Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision:

As one of the most progressive, small counties in the state, Hampton County seeks to uphold its

  • Vibrant Economy, an economy stimulated by growth in business and industry, in individual income and well-being, and in high quality standards in homes and in schools.
  • Rural Quality of Life, a standard of living that preserves the integrity of the natural environment while enhancing its worth with quality housing, well structured neighborhoods, and modern goods and services.
  • And Sense of Community Pride, a feeling of unity exhibited by individuals and families who are happy to live and work here; who take pride in themselves, their homes, their schools, their churches, and their civic organizations; and who respect their neighbors as well as their environment and communicate that respect through dialogue, through litter-free landscapes, and through safe, law-abiding lifestyles.

Our Mission:

The mission of Hampton County Government is to provide quality public services in a timely and competent manner, and to work with the cooperation of the community and other local government units to create a vibrant and healthy physical, social and economic environment.

Services shall be provided in a fair, respectful and professional manner consistent with available human, natural and economic resources.