Hampton County Values Statement

Our Guiding Values:

In our work on behalf of the people we represent and serve,
The elected officials and staff of Hampton County pledge to be:


We are a caring county government that values and respects our cultural, ethnical and economic
diversities which define Hampton County. We build on the strengths of individual employees, the
organization and the public. Everyone has a voice and an importance in our county.


We will respect the past, honor the present and embrace the future with open minds through
innovative inspirations and the use of technology. We strive to educate our citizens on positives of change.


Hampton County Government will be accountable and responsible for the trust bestowed to us by
the community to fulfill our duties to the best of our abilities each and every day. This will be
accomplished always in a polite, efficient and timely manner.


Our success in meeting needs shall be measured by outcomes and results and not processes
implemented or dollars spent. The quality of our service is how we are judged by our citizens
and those doing business with the County.


We will keep funds, equipment, property and other resources afe with prudent, fiscal management.
The County is committed to providing its citizens with relevant, accurate, information
about its goals, operations and the decisions that will affect them.


We believe in professional and well-trained leaders who promote the same with their staff.
Together as a team, this knowledge and experience shall move the county forward through open
government and ongoing partnerships with civic, economic, educational and other outside agencies.


We shall conduct business in good faith and non-partisanship at all times. All standards
shall be implemented with honesty and integrity.