Tax Services


The function of the Assessor's Office is to maintain an inventory of parcels of real property including mobile homes in Hampton County and its municipalities; and to assure that all properties are appraised fairly and equitably.


The function of the Auditor's Office is to annually prepare a complete listing and description of all taxable real and personal property within the county, political subdivisions, and special purpose districts; by owner, type of property, levy, location, and assessed value.

Code Enforcement - Vehicle Registration

The function of the Code Enforcement Vehicle Registration Office is to enforce the state law pertaining to vehicle registrations.  The SC Code of Law allows citizens 45 days to register their vehicle(s) in the county which they reside.

Delinquent Tax

The function of the Delinquent Tax Office is to investigate and collect delinquent real and personal taxes, penalties, and costs.  The Office attempts to locate and notify taxpayers of taxes owed and maintains an accurate, up-to-date account of monies collected.


The function of the Treasurer's Office is to notify and collect real and personal property taxes and to oversee their disbursement to County government, municipalities, school and special taxing districts within the county.