Boards and Commissions
The services provided by our Boards and Commissions is essential to the wellbeing of the county.  County residents who are interested in serving on a board or commission may obtain an application from the Clerk to Council or may complete and submit an application online.

County Council
Hampton County has a Council-Administrator form of government.  County Council serves as the governing authority and employs an Administrator to handle administrative matters under their direction.  The Council consists of five members elected for four year terms.

Clerk to Council
The Clerk to Council serves as the legislative official for County Council. The Clerk to Council prepares the agenda for County Council meetings, records Council’s proceedings, processes ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations, is the custodian of the County seal, maintains minute books and County Code of Ordinances, attests and certifies official documents on behalf of the County, advertise public hearings, meetings and legal notices, and performs all duties as required by the South Carolina Code of Laws.

The incorporated areas of Hampton County are listed in this section along with contact information for each city or town.

U.S. Government Officials
The officials listed in this section represent Hampton County in the Senate and House.

South Carolina General Assembly
The officials listed in this section represent Hampton County in the General Assembly.