General Sessions Court

Department Functions
We are responsible for accepting and maintaining all criminal warrants. When warrants are received, it is the clerk’s responsibility to transmit this information to the Solicitor’s Office where the indictment is prepared. This office also collects bail money / fees for the posting of bonds. We also process Public Defender applications and fees. Upon approval of application, the appropriate paperwork is forwarded to the Public Defender’s Office. Once the Solicitor’s Office assigns indictment numbers to cases, it is the clerk’s responsibility to prepare the cases for court. Once the case has been disposed of, the clerk must update the information from court in the appropriate court file. This office collects fines and fees, which are assessed during each term of court. The money collected for fines and fees must be turned over to the County Treasurer at the end of each month. All of these duties are performed in the manner designated by Court Administration.