Public Safety Services

Central Dispatch (E911)

The function of Central Dispatch (E911) is to receive 911 emergency and non-emergency calls and to dispatch emergency responders such as fire, police, and medical where they are needed.


Code Enforcement - Litter Control

The Litter Officer is to enforce the county's litter control ordinance through public awareness, investigation, corrective action, and, if necessary, Magistrate Court.


The Coroner is responsible for investigating deaths involving accidents, suicides, homicides, and all sudden and unexplained deaths where ever they occur in the county and all the municipalities.

Detention Center

The Detention Center houses sentenced and non sentenced inmates.  They serve multiple law enforcement agencies including local police, sheriff, state police, conservation officers and federal authorities.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services protects the life, limb, property, and the environment in a timely and professional manner with the highest quality of emergency service to the citizens of Hampton County.

Emergency Preparedness

The function of Emergency Preparedness is to develop, maintain, coordinate, and lead emergency preparedness and emergency management activities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made disasters.

Fire Department

Function of the Fire Department includes extinguishing and investigating hostile fires, enforcing fire codes, conducting rescues, presenting education programs, controlling hazardous material incidents, mitigating the effects of natural disasters and providing first responder service to persons experiencing potentially life-threatening medical emergencies.

Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office protects the life and property of all Hampton County citizens.