Open Burning

Open Burning
In South Carolina, burning has been a common way to get rid of leaves & tree limbs, to clear farmlands, and to manage wildlife areas. However, smoke from open burning can pollute the air and cause health problems. That is why there are State laws to limit outdoor burning. (SC Air Pollution Reg. 61-62.2)

Open burning is the burning of any material in an open fire or an outdoor container when specifically designed equipment is not used to control the combustion or air pollution from the fire.
South Carolina allows certain kinds of open burning if the burning does not cause problems and if it is not prohibited by local governments.

It is illegal to openly burn the following materials:
  • Household garbage and trash
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Motor oil, waste heating oils, petroleum products
  • Asphaltic materials (shingles, tat, etc.)
  • Tires and other rubber products
  • Building materials, insulation and duct work, construction and demolition debris
  • Plastics
  • Paints
  • Household chemicals and cleaners
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Electrical wire or any material for its metal content.
  • Metals
  • Dead Animals

The following types of fires are allowed by State Laws but Local Laws may prohibit them:
  • Burning of your yard waste such as leaves, grass, weeds and tree clippings grown on the property
  • Campfires and fires for recreational purposes
  • Outdoor fires to cook food
  • Fires for control of agricultural diseases, weeds and pests, plant overgrowth, or land clearing following rules acceptable to SCDHEC
  • Planned burning of forests to decrease impact of wildfires (prescribed burning).

Remember: When lawfully burning materials outdoors, a smoke nuisance must not be created. Fires from land clearing operations must be at least 1,000 feet from public roadways and other occupied structures.

For additional information contact:
  • At Local Level:
    • Hampton County Solid Waste
      2310 Hopewell Road
      Brunson SC 29911
      Phone: (803) 625-0197
      Fax: (803) 625-0990
  • At State Level:
    • Low Country EQC
      104 Parker Drive
      Burton SC 29906
      Phone: (843) 846-1030
      Fax: (843) 846-0604

For more information on open burning, please see the SCDHEC website.